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A Killer's Web

A Killer's Web

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Main Tropes

  • The Posing Killer
  • Undercover Operative
  • Deadly Dating
  • The Dark Past
  • FBI
  • Nosy Reporter


An operative who never gives up. A deadly predator who dates his victims. Will he find a killer before more girls get caught in a lethal web?

After another woman falls victim to what the media dubbed as The Doll Killer, O’Reilly learns the only connection lies within on-line dating. With the bodies piling up, O'Reilly and his partner are hard pressed to find the twisted mind before more fall victim.

Will he untangle the web of horror before someone else is killed?

A Killer's Web is the chilling fourth novel in the O’Reilly Files serial killer thriller series. If you like dedicated characters, shocking climaxes, and eerie conclusions, then you’ll love Angela Kay’s adrenaline-laced story.

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Intro to Ch. 1

The two men leaned against the sides of their boat, enjoying the coolness their beers brought against the scorching summer sun. After being on the lake for only an hour, the sun had already scorched the bald man’s head, so now he slipped on his cap.

He cursed, rubbing the fabric of his cap, then shook his head. “Sure is hot out here, Randy. Think the girls will want to head back early?”

Randy chortled, cursing his friend underneath his breath. “Them girls? You’d have better luck leavin’ ‘em hangin’.” Randy sat up, scanning the vast body of water. Come to think of it, he hadn’t heard their voices in quite some time.

The sun’s rays spilled onto the blackened surface of the lake, creating a long splash of sheer white light. It made it that much harder to see, even when wearing polarized sunglasses large enough to fit over his round-rimmed eyeglasses.

Randy saw a large group of black birds circling the air, cutting through the sun’s glimmers. He also saw a beaver in the distance, sitting atop a dam that prevented the water from rushing down below, likely creating a tide strong enough to force the boat along. And lastly, he saw a doe on the edge of the water, cooling herself during the hot day.

But he didn’t see the girls.

Randy frowned, using his tank top to fan himself as he turned his attention to his friend. “Carl, you see the ladies anywhere?”

Carl turned to look around the large area, then shook his head. “I don’t.” He cursed. “I told them girls not to go too far.”

Randy spit out his own curse as he sipped his beer. “C’mon. We best go lookin’ for ‘em. Who knows what sort of trouble they’ll get into?”

“Right. Then after we whip ‘em, let’s call it a day. Too dang hot out here. And my head’s burned to a crisp.”

“I told you to put on sunscreen.”

Carl jerked the engine chain. It rumbled, then silenced. He looked over at Randy. “I ain’t never had to put on sunscreen in my life.” Again, he jerked the engine. And again, it rumbled before stalling.

“And now your head’s hot enough to fry an egg,” Randy said. “Ways to prevent that? Sunscreen.” As if to prove a point, he grabbed his wife’s Banana Boat sunscreen, applying it to his skin.

Cursing his friend, Carl jerked the chain once more, and finally, the boat roared to life and they were ready to search for their wives, who decided it was funny to disappear.

Carl steered the boat, and both men kept an eye out for the girls.

“Mia!” Randy cupped his hands over his mouth as a makeshift bullhorn. “Janice!”

They continued to plow through the lake, calling out their wives’ names.

“I don’t see ‘em … oh! There!”

Carl followed Randy’s gaze to where he pointed. Standing on the edge of the dam was Carl’s wife, Janice. She seemed to look downward. Still wading in the water was Randy’s wife.

“Mia!” Randy said again. “Get her down from there!”

A shout came from Mia, but it was too far away to be heard.

“Hurry the boat,” Randy said. “Your fool of a wife’s gonna fall over.”

Normally, Randy knew Carl would have argued that his wife wasn’t a fool, but this time, he chose not to comment. He knew his friend of fifteen years was right. It was a known fact that the dam wasn’t very sturdy, and even under the slightest of pressure, it could break.

Janice would be the first to fall to her death.

Yes, the woman was a fool.

As they neared the women, Carl shouted at the top of his lungs. “Janice! Get down now!”

Janice turned to respond, but Randy didn’t think he heard right. At least not until Carl stared him down, his eyes narrowed with curiosity. “Did she say there was a body down there?”

Finally, the boat reached the two women. Randy helped Mia into the boat, then Janice climbed in, her hair clinging to her drenched skin. Her normally bright blue eyes were now sunken in.

“We need to get down there. There could be a chance, still.” Janice ran a hand through her thick, blonde hair. “The buzzards are eating at her. We’ve got to hurry.”

Of course. The black birds Randy noticed weren’t merely black birds—they were buzzards. And buzzards feast on dead meat. He frowned.

“We should call the cops, then. She’s probably dead.”

“There’s always a chance,” Janice said. She looked at her husband. “Let’s go.”

Out of the four of them, Janice was the only one who held faith in miracles. The others looked at the facts. And to Randy, the fact was, buzzards eat the deceased.

But, of course, Carl loved his wife and had always tried to appease her. So he revved the engine once more.

They circled the lake until they reached the place where the girls had spotted the body.

Both Janice and Mia, expert divers, took to the water ahead of the men, swimming to the shore. It was Janice who reached dry land first. Then Mia. Then Randy and Carl.

Once they saw the body, they could tell it was a woman. But she’d been chewed on too much, it was likely she wouldn’t be recognized by even her mother. The water had also helped decompose the body. Randy guessed at some point, the tide carried her in from some place.

There were deep lacerations on her wrists and ankles.

But what happened to her?

Mia kneeled closer to see better. Carl had already gotten on his cell phone. Janice stood at a distance, sobbing into her hands. Her good Samaritan effort didn’t work out. Not this time.

“Guys, I think she was murdered.” Mia’s voice was smooth, unshaken. As an avid watcher of true crime television shows, she was used to seeing bodies. At the same time, Mia had never seen a body like this before. Not up close and personal. Randy wondered how she could be so calm. Perhaps it was shock.

“Did you say she was murdered?” Janice’s words seemed to echo in the otherwise beautiful outdoor setting.

Randy could do nothing except pull her into his arms, letting her sob for a woman they didn’t know.

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