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A Killer's Edge

A Killer's Edge

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Main Tropes

  • The Labyrinthine Investigation
  • Puzzling Crime Scenes
  • FBI
  • Serial Killer
  • Mass Murder
  • Cryptic Messages


It’s October and evil has come out to play. Can the dedicated FBI agent end the carnage before it’s too late?

Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly takes pride in the career spent nailing criminals. But when the zealous investigator receives a mysterious phone call, his blood runs cold after a voice says, “I killed them all."

O’Reilly leads a crusade to expose a killer slaying families, and as the number of victims rise, he fears time is running thin before The Halloween Slasher vanishes in the night.

Can he stop the butcher before another massacre?

Engaging and wicked, A Killer's Edge is the fifth book in the pulse-pounding O’Reilly thriller series.

Find the Halloween Slasher before he finds you!

Intro to Ch. 1


FBI Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly grabbed two beer bottles from the fridge and handed one to his partner, Shaun Henderson. They clinked their glasses before unscrewing the top to indulge in a sip.

“Here’s to thirteen years of faithful service, buddy.” Shaun lifted his bottle to his lips. “And hopefully many, many more. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. Been a long road, but I don’t regret any of it. Well, I don’t regret most of it, I should say.”

“Hear, hear.”

Shaun looked toward the back window. Aidan followed his gaze. Aidan’s wife, Cheyenne, and her sister, Laura, stood by the toddler swing set, gently pushing his daughter, Trinity. Even in the distance, Aidan saw the one-and-a-half-year-old laugh, her chubby cheeks making her eyes disappear.

“Don’t know how Cheyenne stuck with me and this job for this long.” They’d been a couple for nine years. Aidan had known men in the service who’d separated from their loved ones within the first two years. It wasn’t easy being a field agent. Some could handle it, others couldn’t. Sometimes even Aidan feared he’d fall into the statistic.

“Well, you’re a catch.”

Aidan shot his friend a mock glare, pretending to study him for a second. “Thanks, but I’m married.”

“Shucks, guess I’ll have to look elsewhere.”


“No worries. I’m a catch.” Shaun chuckled as he lifted his bottle to his lips.

“If that’s true, why’d Laura throw you back into the pond?”

“I’m too much of a man for your sister-in-law.”

“Ah. That explains a lot. C’mon. Let’s join the rest of the party,” Aidan said.

“Right behind you,” Shaun said. “By the way, in all seriousness, buddy, I’m proud to be your partner. And your friend.”

Aidan looked at him. “I am too. Even though it was investigating Grant Rivers that brought us together, I don’t regret leaving Atlanta.”

An awkward silence passed between them as Aidan reflected to The Carnations Killer investigation. It was a chapter in his book of life that would always seem to remain open, pulling him back into the nightmarish world.

“Any word?” Shaun said finally.

Aidan shook his head. Try as he might, there was no escaping the elephant in the room. In his case, after he captured Grant Rivers, the serial killer who had beaten and murdered over eighty women, escaped prison two years ago by playing dead.

Law enforcement all over the United States had been searching relentlessly for the killer. He’d earned himself a spot on the FBI’s top most wanted list.

Even though he’d disappeared without a trace, Rivers had shown he was still around, still thinking about Aidan, making sure the agent continued to think of him.

Soon after his escape, Rivers had taunted Aidan, as well as a reporter from WJFX News, eventually sending a severed finger to Jordan Blake, including a single carnation flower—Rivers’ infamous signature. More recently, Rivers’ ex-wife had been found murdered, washed up on shore by Lake Eerie. And finally, a few months ago, Rivers made it known he’d returned to Augusta by leaving the daughter he’d kidnapped inside Aidan’s garage. To ensure that Aidan knew it was him who was there, he’d taken a selfie.

A chilling twist, looking into the photo, Aidan noticed one of Rivers’ fingers was missing. He couldn’t help but wonder if another reason for the photo was to show Aidan his deformed hand. Even now, the mere idea made Aidan sick to the stomach.

Aidan tried to mask the nausea by taking a sip of his beer, then leading the way outside to join his family. A shiver passed through him as the cool October wind ruffled through his hair. He tugged at his FBI-issued jacket, acknowledging his boss, Special Agent-in-Charge Tara Monroe, sipping her iced tea.

“Are you due for a refill, boss? Or would you prefer something warmer? I could put on a pot of coffee.”

“No, I feel like I’m swimming in liquid, I had so much. But thank you.”

Aidan took a seat while Shaun grabbed another.

“I appreciate you coming. It means a lot.”

Tara smiled warmly. “I wouldn’t have missed it. Not only have I been able to get to know your lovely wife better, but it’s been a massive pleasure having you on my team. We wouldn’t be the same without you.”

“But we’d manage,” Shaun said with an affirming nod. He reached for a chip in the basket at the center of the table and dipped it in salsa. “Like, if you took off. We wouldn’t miss you too much. Maybe for thirty minutes, if that.” He shrugged. “Perhaps an hour, at the latest.”

Before Aidan could shoot back a retort, Cheyenne headed toward the house, holding Trinity in her arms.

“I’m going to take her in for a nap.” She blew into her free hand. “Whew, it’s gotten pretty cold.”

Aidan rose, kissing his daughter’s cheek. Her eyes drooped as she rested her head on Cheyenne’s shoulder. He fixed her little Eskimo cap so it’d cover her ear better.

“Say goodbye to Uncle Shaun and Tara, honey,” Aidan said.

Trinity’s wave was listless, then she stuck her thumb in her mouth as she fought to keep her eyes open.

Laura plopped into the chair Aidan once occupied, putting her elbow on the table. “Haven’t seen you around much, Shaun. Anything new going on?”

Aidan exchanged an amused look with Cheyenne as his wife took Trinity inside. Her younger sister couldn’t keep from flirting, no matter who it was—a trait she’d unfortunately gotten from their mother. However, unlike their mother, Laura’s flirtatious and friendly personality was enough to keep the men she dated with a smile on their faces, even after they’ve broken up. Even before Aidan started dating Cheyenne, he had gone out on a date with Laura. But she’d seen the chemistry between her sister and her date, so Laura devised a scheme to fix them up. Thankfully, in Aidan’s favor, it worked.

“Been a busy bee. Tryin’ to keep this one out of trouble.” Shaun stuck a thumb in Aidan’s direction.

“Ha! That’s got to be a chore.” Laura playfully swatted Shaun’s large, muscular arm.

“You’re tellin’ me.”

“That’s what he thinks.” Aidan sat in an empty seat between Tara and Shaun. “I think we all know who the troublemaker in this dynamic duo is. Tell her, boss.”

Tara held her hand as if to surrender. “I’m afraid I’m backing down on this argument.”

“I’m an angel,” Shaun said as the back door opened.

“Honey, there’s a call on the cell for you.”

Aidan looked up at Cheyenne before rising. He glanced at Shaun. “You’re not foolin’ anyone, pal.”

“Watch what you say,” Shaun said as Aidan took the cell phone from his wife. “I’ll knock you all the way to the moon.”

Aidan didn’t respond as he put the phone to his ear.

“This is O’Reilly.”

“Agent O’Reilly? The same Agent O’Reilly from the Federal Bureau of Investigation?”

“Yes. Who’s calling?”

“I was once known as The Halloween Slasher.”

Aidan knitted his brows together as a strange feeling passed through him. He lightly tapped the side of the house to get the group’s attention. Tara, Shaun, and Laura looked up at him. Cheyenne stood besides him, her arms around his waist.

“What can I help you with?”

“I killed them.”

Aidan felt his heart skip several beats. Despite Laura and Cheyenne being present, he turned on the speaker.

“Who did you kill?”

At his words, Shaun and Tara rose.

“I killed them all.”

“What’s you’re location? I’ll send an ambulance your way.”

The speaker ignored the request. “You’d better hurry, Agent O’Reilly. You’d better find me before I find someone else. Tick tock, tick tock.”

With that, he recited an address, then the phone call ended.

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